NRCan Across Canada: Ottawa, ON

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Audit and Evaluation Branch \
    * Chief Audit and Evaluation Executive's Office
    * Evaluation Division
    * Governance Division
    * Operations Division

Canadian Forest Service \
    * Canadian Wood Fibre Centre
    * National Capital Region
    * Northern Forestry Centre

Communications and Portfolio Sector \
    * Engagement and Digital Communications Branch
    * Portfolio Management and Corporate Secretariat Branch
    * Public Affairs Branch

Corporate Management and Services Sector \
    * Assistant Deputy Minister's Office
    * Chief Information Officer and Security Branch
    * Finance and Procurement Branch
    * GCDOCS project
    * Human Resources Branch
    * Planning and Operations Branch

Energy Sector \
    * Assistant Deputy Minister's Office
    * Electricity Resources Branch
    * Energy Policy Branch
    * Energy Safety and Security
    * Office of Energy Efficiency
    * Petroleum Resources Branch

Innovation and Energy Technology Sector \
    * Assistant Deputy Minister's Office
    * CanmetENERGY-Devon
    * CanmetENERGY-Ottawa
    * CanmetMATERIALS-Hamilton
    * Office of Energy Research and Development
    * Policy and Planning Branch

Lands and Minerals Sector \
    * Assistant Deputy Minister Office
    * Business Management Services & Data
    * CanmetMINING
    * Explosives Safety and Security Branch
    * Geological Survey of Canada
    * Hazards, Adaptation and Operations Branch
    * Policy and Economics Branch
    * Surveyor General Branch - Geomatics Canada

Minister's Office \
    * Department Staff
    * Minister's Office Exempt Staff

Shared Services Canada \
    * Director
    * IT Portfolio
    * Server Hosting Services
    * Storage & Backups
    * Telecommunications

Strategic Policy and Results Sector \
    * Assistant Deputy Minister's Office
    * Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation
    * Canada-United States Horizontal Task Group
    * Economic Analysis, Data and Research Branch
    * External Policy and Partnerships Branch
    * Planning, Delivery and Results Branch
    * Strategic Policy Branch