NRCan Organizational Structure

The following chart represents the organizational structure of the department. Organization displays can be expanded (one or more sub-units exist) or collapsed (return to previous level) by clicking on the symbols as identified in the "Key to Symbols". If you click on the organization, you will find other details related to the organization such as employee listings, mandate and services as available.

Key to symbols:
  • Sub-units exist Sub-units exist
  • No sub-units exist No sub-units exist
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Return to previous level Pacific Forestry Centre
     No sub-units exist for Director General's Office Director General's Office
     Sub-units exist for Forest Innovation & Dynamics Forest Innovation & Dynamics
         No sub-units exist for Research Service Labs Research Service Labs
         No sub-units exist for Ecosystem Processes Ecosystem Processes
         No sub-units exist for Pest Management Methods Pest Management Methods
         No sub-units exist for Effects of Forestry Practices Effects of Forestry Practices
     Sub-units exist for Policy, Planning and Operations Policy, Planning and Operations
         No sub-units exist for Fire Management Fire Management
         No sub-units exist for Forest Health Monitoring Forest Health Monitoring
         No sub-units exist for Forest Carbon Accounting Forest Carbon Accounting
         No sub-units exist for Forest entomology Forest entomology
     Sub-units exist for Entomology and Phytosanitary Research & Programs Entomology and Phytosanitary Research & Programs
         No sub-units exist for Collaborative Forestry Program Collaborative Forestry Program
     Sub-units exist for Forest Information Forest Information
         No sub-units exist for National Forest Information Division National Forest Information Division
         No sub-units exist for Landscape Management Landscape Management