NRCan Organizational Acronyms

Organization Acronyms starting with: T

Within the table below, the organizational acronym is identified at left and defined at right. The organizational structure under which this is located is displayed just below the definition.

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Acronym    Organization
TA Technology Assessment;
Buildings and Renewables Group;
TEIB Trade, Economics and Industry Branch;
National Capital Region;
Canadian Forest Service
TEL Telecommunications;
Shared Services Canada;
Deputy Minister's Office
TIAD Trade and International Affairs Division;
Trade, Economics and Industry Branch;
National Capital Region
TM Tailings Management;
Energy Efficiency and Technology Sector
TMX Indigenous Advisory Monitoring Committee - TMX;
Partnerships and Engagement;
TRU Travel and Relocation Unit;
Finance and Procurement Services
TS Technical Services;
Geodetic Systems and Infrastructures;
Canadian Geodetic Survey
TS Terrain Sciences;
Science Subdivision;
GSC Calgary
TTSS Transformative Technologies and Specialized Services;
Lands and Minerals Sector

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